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15 Dec The Lotus Collection from Coffee Break with Dani

New Lotus Collection Foiling Pigments from Dani of Coffee Break with Dani

We love sitting back and enjoying a nice cup of coffee with Dani, and we go way back with her! She featured us in one of her Coffee Break with Dani Monthly Favorites Videos in June and said that Barbados was one of her top 5 highlights. That’s only one of the many reasons why we loved working on this collection with her so much!

We teamed up with Dani to bring you The Lotus Collection — a curated quad comprised of four dazzling foiling pigments representing rebirth, pure happiness, and a joyful celebration.

The Lotus Collection was developed during a time of refocus and rebirth for Dani. Her message to you is, “…no matter what happens, you can and will rise above it just like the Lotus Flower.” The beautiful lotus flower grows from the dirtiest of ponds.

You might be wondering, “What is a foiling pigment?” Have no fear! These pigments create a fantastically bold foil finish. Foiling pigments shine their brightest when you add your favorite foiling agent and apply, or you can gently pack these beauties on to your lids with a packing brush or fingertip.

Check out what Dani has to say in her video and catch her quick tutorial on foiling at the 11:25 minute mark:

Stronger, Wiser, Better and Determined are available as a curated collection for just $35. Palettes are usually $21.99 but add it to your Lotus Collection and save $6.99 on the palette! Show us your looks on Instagram (@ittse_sf), snapchat (ittsesf) and Facebook! Use hashtag #DaniXittse and don’t forget to tag us!


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