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This alluring, warm tone envelops you in class and ignites your inner Tsaritsa. A universal orange -red, Babushka is elegant enough to charm the imperial palace yet hot enough to thaw a Siberian winter. Best paired with a simple, but refined look, this top- shelf rouge is the ultimate statement of high-style. Nostrovia!

ittsē Lip Crème Color is the perfect solution for getting ultimate color payoff in colors and finishes that are just right for YOU. We offer 8 universally flattering shades in two finishes: High Impact and Low Impact, so you can dial-up or tone-down the drama, to suit your mood. High Impact Lip Crème shades pack in the pigment with a long-lasting, non-drying formula that provides intense, feather-free color in a single swipe. Conversely, the same shade in the Low Impact Lip Crème finish has a buttery smooth formula that bestows lips with a delicate kiss of sheer color that lasts. All ittsē Lip Crème Colors are fortified with a skin protecting anti-oxidant blend and natural apple fruit extract known to help boost hydration.

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