The Squad Quad Eye Shadow Collection
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The Squad Quad Eye Shadow Collection


“I wanted this quad to be a representation of me and my relationship with my followers, hence the name Squad Quad- this is really my way of giving them a little piece of me every time they do their makeup,” says Michelle, the makeup guru behind the tutorials on the popular YouTube channel ReadySetGlamour and the newest member of ittsē’s Inner Circle.  “I wanted the quad to feature eye shadows that I feel the most confident in, the colors I wear on an everyday basis. These are my go-to colors so I wanted to bring them all together in one cohesive quad.”

SQUAD (metallic): This is probably my favorite shade in the quad because I love metallic anything. It’s like a highlighter for your eyes! It’s not your typical gold – it has a metallic finish and an antiqued yellow gold undertone – it’s stunning and will complement any eye color or skin tone.

Fifteen (matte): I had to include a matte warm brown that had more depth to it. This is a staple eyeshadow color for me because you can use it in the crease to add definition, on the lid for a quick smokey eye, or as eyeliner on the top or bottom lash line. Fifteen is the age I discovered my passion for makeup and beauty.

Hashbrown (matte): This color was a no brainer to include- every eyesahdow look no matter how dramatic or natural it is needs to have a matte transition shade to help with blending. I love transition shades that are a bit on the warmer side and that’s exactly what Hashbrown is. Plus, hashbrowns are one of my favorite foods!

Chill Zone (pearlized): When I don’t know what look to go for, my go-to is a bronze shimmer. This has a pearlized finish so it gives the most beautiful sheen to the lids – you can apply it wet for a more intense finish. It’s called Chill Zone because I’m a homebody.. I like to think of my home as a “chill zone” 🙂

Enjoy, Loves!
xo, Michelle

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