The Lotus Collection
The Lotus Collection by CoffeeBreakWithDaniThe Lotus Collection by CoffeeBreakWithDani

The Lotus Collection


We teamed up with Dani from Coffee Break with Dani to develop the Lotus Collection. These foiling makeup pigments function to their best when you incorporate a mixing medium to bring out their beauty. You can learn more about the collab and how to use The Lotus Collection on our blog. Check out Dani’s special note on The Lotus Collection below:

“This collection was inspired by a time in my life where I thought everything was falling apart, but it was actually all coming together. I wanted the colors to represent a rebirth, pure happiness, and a joyful celebration. Ever since I can remember, color, sparkles, and duo chrome anything make me so happy. So here you have four colors perfect for a party, a date, or any excuse where you want to shine! The names are also a direct reflection that no matter what happens, you can and will rise above it just like the Lotus flower – Stronger, Wiser, Better, and more Determined than ever! Don’t forget to bloom in the dirt you are thrown in!”

Love & Warm Hugs,
Dani xo

Want to combo your Lotus Collection with an eco-chic ittsē Palette? Just choose the color of your choice from the drop-down menu below and save $6.99!

Click on the image below to watch Dani’s Lotus Collection Tutorial!Dani with Lotus Collection

All ittsē products are paraben-free, gluten-free and we never test on animals. Made in the USA.

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