Look Glam with Silver Eye Shadow

05 May Silver Eye Shadow

How to Look Glam with Silver Eye Shadow

When it comes to playing up your eyes, silver eyeshade is one of the best tools. It offers a playful sheen and a brightening effect that’s ideal for glam nights out. From frosty to metallic, you can have a blast experimenting with all different types of silvers. In this guide, you’ll learn the hottest ways to use silver eyeshade and celebrate those beautiful windows to the soul!

Metallic Silver

Metallic silver is the ideal choice for glitzy occasions when your makeup needs to be kicked up. It provides a beautiful reflective texture to light up your eyes like stars. With its super dimensional sparkles and regal pigments, you’ll feel like the hottest diva in the room.

Apply the metallic silver over your eye lid for a luminous, gilded effect. You can also dab some on the inner corner of your eyes to give them more depth. Use the high-pearl metallic silver, The Rock, by ittsē. This shadow is also cruelty-free, great for professionals or beauty buffs looking for friendlier ingredients that are also high-performance. The shadow is also gluten-free paraben-free for a greener way to look like eye candy!

Look Glam with Silver Eye Shadow

Sparkly Silver

Sparkly silver is also perfect for making a statement. They add sensuality to the eyes, while offering an extravagant look. You may try different shades of sparkly eye shadow to find the one that works best with your personal style. Perfect for every girl, whether you’re the high-maintenance sasspot or the fun-lovin’ sweetheart, this color is always a blast to wear!

High-shine sparkly silver makes the best highlighter for the inner corners of the eye and the brow bone. Simply use a small eye shadow brush to glide the product right beneath your eye brow to produce a lifting effect. Your eyes will appear more open and sexy. You can use Skyline by ittsē to achieve this technique. Its moonlit radiance will bring out the beauty in your eyes.

Dark Silver

Awe yeah, that devious silver eye shadow kills it every time. With its mysterious dark pigments and shine, it offers a modern, industrial edge that you won’t stop wearing.
Its smoky pigments make the best crease color to enhance your eyes. Apply the shadow along the crease of your eye, extending it slightly upward as you blend. This technique gives you a sophisticated allure and more sex appeal. If you’re going for a smoky eye effect, you can also apply dark silver to your lower lids for that look that says, “I woke up looking slightly tousled but totally smoking!” Obsidian by ittsē is optimal for this technique!

All ittsē products are made with non-toxic ingredients, so you can enjoy a healthy formula, while looking like a babe. It also features a highly bendable consistency and a soft velvety texture that remains fade-proof all night long.

With these bombshell silver eyeshade styles, there’s no reason to keep recycling the same old looks. At the end of the day, makeup is meant to be fun, so enjoy unleashing the artist in you and explore your creative limits with silver!


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