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24 Oct The Name “ittsē”

Where Did the Name “ittsē” Come From?

I want to answer a question that we get asked all the time: “Where did the name ‘ittsē’ come from?”

I originally thought the name was a product of my imagination.  I thought it had a nice sound – youthful yet elegant.

It’s reminiscent of the term “it girl” without being too frivolous.  It also sounds inspired, sophisticated and free, depicting the eco-friendly, high-quality, customizable and on-the-go features that are the highlights of the brand.

After I trademarked the name, my mother reminded me that when I was very young, I had a teenage babysitter named Elizabeth…who everyone called “Itsy.”  Although I have no conscious memory of Itsy, my mother says I was quite taken with her.

So, can I say that ittsē was named after a mesmerizing 16-year-old babysitter whose influence had sunk deeply into my two-year-old subconscious?  Had Itsy’s influence been so powerful that forty years later I named my cosmetics line after her?

I don’t know, but I can say that when the name “ittsē” came to me, I never considered anything else.

Founder and CEO

ittse Founder and CEO, Gretchen


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